Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science, and the Public
Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

Our Kavli Centre Circle of Friends is a space where we can all share what we know and what we hope to find out, meet other like-minded people (from wildly different disciplines), and do more together to connect science and society in meaningful ways.

Members of the Circle will at the very least, be the first to know about KCESP news and events.  But we hope it can be a more mutually enriching experience than that.  We’re planning regular ‘Ripple’ events – both in person and online – to introduce you to people who are coming at the questions we are grappling with from very different directions.  (NB: this is not another seminar (!) but something a lot more interactive and, hopefully, fun) 

Building on our core belief that everyone has a right to be part of the conversation on science and society – and that everyone benefits if we make that happen – our Circle is going to be a welcoming and curious place for that to occur.  In addition, your support means we’ll be able to learn and grow faster and better in our crucial first three years of operation than we ever could alone.  

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Linus Mimietz from Unsplash.com https://unsplash.com/photos/XSQHuGGRO3g