Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science, and the Public

The Department of Crazy Ideas: BlueSci interview

At a moment, when scientists and the public face so many pressing and urgent concerns, our biggest challenge is to show how our key questions about science and society are also relevant and need to be addressed now, for the benefit of us all. Whether in the context of future medicine, tech development, or food and farming. We are asking people to consider, right now, ‘Is this the type of science we want? Is this creating a world that we want?’ And we want to do this in ways that are as cutting edge as the science itself. Doing things very differently to how they have been done before is challenging. But it’s also what makes the work really exciting.

Our Head of Translation and Innovation, Dr Catherine Galloway, was interviewed for the Lent 2023 edition of BlueSci, the Cambridge University Science Magazine. Read the full interview here.

Exploring ethics discourses in practice in AI research

Daniela presented a poster on her current work within the Creativity for Scientific Change project at the Cambridge Public Health showcase event on “Breaking the Cycle of Intergenerational Adversity – The Role of Public Health”. The poster presents an analysis of how these reflections are being incorporated into AI research with a focus on two important conferences in the field of AI ethics, machine learning and computational neuroscience: ACM FAccT & NeurIPS.

AI Art

Whenever AI is brought into discussion, there are often rumblings of panic and controversy surrounding it. In the case of AI-generated art, this situation concerns …