Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science, and the Public

Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science, and the Public

Enabling global conversations on the ethical issues raised by cutting-edge science.

Our aims

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About the Centre

Major scientific breakthroughs deepen our understanding of nature and ourselves. Such discoveries have the potential to transform our everyday lives. Yet the same science that holds promise for progress often raises concerns and questions for society.

We are starting with conversations around genome editing of embryos, artificial intelligence in health research, and the sharing of Big Data.

Exploring ethics discourses in practice in AI research

Daniela presented a poster on her current work within the Creativity for Scientific Change project at the Cambridge Public Health showcase event on "Breaking the Cycle of Intergenerational Adversity - The Role of Public Health". The poster presents an analysis of how these reflections are being incorporated into AI research with a focus on two important conferences in the field of AI ethics, machine learning and computational neuroscience: ACM FAccT & NeurIPS. Read More "Exploring ethics discourses in practice in AI research"

Trustworthy and Responsible AI

In June, Richard was a speaker at an event that KCESP co-sponsored with the Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery on Trustworthy and Responsible AI. https://youtu.be/DXORiFbl-O0?t=4521... Read More "Trustworthy and Responsible AI"

AI Art

Whenever AI is brought into discussion, there are often rumblings of panic and controversy surrounding it. In the case of AI-generated art, this situation concerns... Read More "AI Art"

Our aims

The aims of the Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science, and the Public are to:

  • Strengthen the social contract between scientific communities and diverse publics
  • Engage public audiences at early stages in deliberating the ethical implications of science
  • Deliver innovative and creative interactions with public audiences to achieve excellence in engagement

Recognising that both ‘the public’ and ‘scientists’ are mixed groups with many communities, values and interests, the Centre will pursue new ways to build bridges between….

  • Public audiences
  • Scientists
  • Public engagement and communication professionals
  • Ethicists
  • Social scientists
  • Community groups
  • Health Professionals

[header image credit: Daniel Lonn, Unsplash]

Our team

Meet our team – we have backgrounds in the social sciences, media, genetic counselling and design, and have a deep commitment to interdisciplinary work, cutting across the natural and social sciences, bioethics and public engagement.

Dr Richard Milne
Deputy Director and Research Lead
Dr Catherine Galloway Innovation and Translation Lead
Dr Daniela Boraschi
Research Associate
Mariam Rashid
Engagement Associate
Claudette Burch
Centre Administrator
Jerome Atutornu
PhD Candidate
Sasha Henriques
PhD Candidate

We are a partnership with Wellcome Connecting Science and a number of members of the Connecting Science Engagement and Society team hold honorary positions within the Centre.

Dr Tuba Bircan
Senior Social Scientist – Quantitative research
Dr Alessia Costa
Staff Social Scientist – Qualitative research
Christine Patch, Principal staff scientist in genomic counselling
Dr Christine Patch,
Principal Staff Scientist in Genomic Counselling